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The 3 best places in Colombia

24 enero, 2018


One of the comments I hear most from my friends is: "I know almost nothing about Colombia, I want to start traveling more around the country but I do not know where to start." To tell the truth, I also had the same feeling and one of the purposes that I set at the beginning of 2017 was to know at least a couple of those places in Colombia that everyone talks about but that I did not know about.

Thinking about this, at the beginning of the year I took advantage of an extra salary that came to me and I bought tickets to travel to Nuqui in the middle of the year to see the humpback whales. Without a doubt, today I say it was the best decision of the year and that's why Nuquí and Ensenada de Utría top my list of the best places I met in 2017 in Colombia. Then I tell you a little about why they should go to Nuquí and about the other places I chose:


  1. Nuquí, Choco.

The department of Chocó is one of those fascinating places because of all the diversity of nature that it has and how little it is explored in terms of tourism. Nuquí is the perfect place to start getting to know this spectacular region. When you arrive by plane from Bogotá or Medellín, you immediately realize the problems that this region suffers. However, you can also feel the warmth of its people, the giant smile of their children and the desire they have to share one of their best treasures with tourists: the arrival of whales to their beaches.

Just enough to take a boat and walk five minutes to start seeing these animals lean out of the water, greet everyone with their jets of water and their giant fins A natural spectacul! When I observe it with the virgin landscape of the Chocoan jungle, it makes it one of the experiences that I value the most in my memories of 2017, and Nuqui I most recommend to my friends for 2018.


   2. Puerto Nariño, Amazonas

I recently decided to get to know the Amazon with my girlfriend. Although it is a destination that has more and more strength among Colombians, I believe that we still need to discover all that it has to offer. One of those things is Puerto Nariño; a small city where there are no motorcycles or cars, where everyone walks quietly through its streets and where locals have decided to welcome tourists to show their traditions around the river.

Ten minutes by boat from Puerto Nariño you can see groups of 5 or more pink and gray dolphins effortlessly. This mix between nature and the tranquility of an indigenous people in the middle of the Amazon make Puerto Nariño in my top cities to meet in Colombia.


3. La isla de Providencia, San Andrés

It was not the first time I was in Providencia. Actually with this year's visit I completed five trips to this spectacular place. Its people, the vibe that is breathed throughout the island, diving and beaches are the things for which without hesitation I always advise visiting any tourist who wants to know Colombia.

The plan that I always recommend and that I enjoy the most, alone or in the company of someone, is to rent a motorcycle and go around the island stopping at any of its beaches and discovering the excellent restaurants it has. I repeat it every day, when I go to the Island and I never get tired, I always find new and magical places to snorkel. The obligatory stop is the bridge that joins the island of Providencia with the Island of Santa Catalina, there you can see the sunset while watching the rays and fish underwater, it is an unforgettable experience, a sacred moment to thank for the opportunity that gives us the life to travel.

So propose to discover new places in Colombia and plan your trips from now on, do not hesitate, it is the best gift that can be given.

Juan Sebastián Cañon

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