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An unforgettable trip in La Guajira

My trip to La Guajira does not start precisely in this place, it starts in Santa Marta. I planned to go on my vacations to the coast in the company of my family, after visiting spectacular places like the Tayrona park, the Playa del Amor and the Aquarium. We decided to also know the Guajira […]

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La Guajira a paradise that you should know

La Guajira is an obligatory destination for all travelers, because it has a diversity of landscapes, cultural richness and paradisiacal beaches. I want to tell you about a wonderful experience that I did the first days of 2016 and that was fantastic! I really want to invite you to know one of the richest regions […]

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Travel to the beaches of Colombia

Before talking about the beaches of Colombia, I want you to answer: Do you want to breathe fresh air in a place near the sea? Would you like to get away from the routine of the city? Are you looking for a heavenly place to disconnect? If your answers are affirmative, the best thing you […]

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4 Unique destinations of Colombia

We recommend 4 unique destinations in Colombia that will surprise you when you meet them: 1. The Caño Cristales River is one of the most impressive spectacles in the world, because through its crystalline waters you can see a variety of colors. It is located in the Sierra la Macarena, a place that houses beautiful […]

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