Our suggested Holidays’ itineraries seamlessly bring together the most unmissable experiences that Colombia has to offer. Crafted by our seasoned travel experts, these holidays distil the most iconic sights and stunning landscapes of Colombia’s most iconic regions.

These same itineraries can be used as simply suggestions for the kind of holiday you might have. You can also have your holidays tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

Behind the steps of Humboldt

From USD 830 per person | 6 NIGHTS/ 7 DAYS

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of scientist Alexander von Humboldt we are offering a trip where you’ll explore the Northern Orinoco region, which Humboldt visited during his first expedition in the XIX century. In the footsteps of his first expedition you will fly east to Puerto Inírida and discover the reainforest and the Cerros of Mavecure. […]

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Birdwatching tour near medellin

From USD 2,100 per person | 6 NIGHTS/ 7 DAYS

Colombia has the most bird species on earth: almost 2,000 in total. More than 70 endemics, over 200 migrants, at least 160 hummingbirds and the list is growing every year. We invite you to explore, discover, and go birding with us. For this, we’ve designed an 6 nights / 7 days trip. We will visit […]

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Bogota and the Amazon jungle

From USD 880 | 6 NIGHTS/ 7 DAYS

On this one-week trip packed with active highlights and laid-back moments, you’ll experience a total immersion in the Amazon Jungle. A plan designed to connect with nature and that will allow you to explore the fauna and wildlife of this incredible place.

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Bogota, Medellin and the Pacific coast

From USD 1.250 | 7 NIGHTS/ 8 DAYS

Explore one of the least-visited but most beautiful destinations in Colombia, Nuquí! On the Pacific coast, you will explore its beautiful beaches, hot springs, waterfalls and tropical jungle, as well as enjoy its delicious gastronomy and share with its local communities. Hop on anytime during June and October and you’ll be able to watch tens […]

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The colourful, colonial streets within Cartagena’s Walled City beckon you in with horse-drawn carriages, cobbled alleys and the vibrant Palenqueras selling fruit to travellers. Get your taste buds tingling with an exclusive rum tasting session or Caribbean cooking class before our guide unveils the history of the colonial mansions and plazas that reside here.


After over two decades of living in relative peace, Bogotanos are finally getting over their fear of each other and starting to figure out their identity as a city. The result is a gastronomic revival, a rising tourism industry, a booming nightlife and a thriving arts scene.


It's been more than a decade since Medellin was best known as the murder capital of the world. And it's not the first Colombian city to creep onto our radar. First the laid-back appeal of Cartagena lured us to the Caribbean coast, then Bogotá began to hum with a design and culinary buzz. But Medellin's vibe is more cutting edge.

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