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La Guajira a paradise that you should know

23 mayo, 2019

Guajira, Colombia

La Guajira is an obligatory destination for all travelers, because it has a diversity of landscapes, cultural richness and paradisiacal beaches.

I want to tell you about a wonderful experience that I did the first days of 2016 and that was fantastic! I really want to invite you to know one of the richest regions of Colombia, a destination that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.

I had never been to La Guajira before, I always got to San Marta and the beaches of Parque Tayrona, but on that occasion I decided to travel to the north of Colombia, in fact my goal was to reach the Wayuú Rancherías and get to know their culture.  And so it was, travel to this place. I disconnected from civilization and felt that I entered a different world where women reign, who are always smiling and dressed in beautiful blankets of colors.

In the ranchería I stayed two days, I stayed in a house built with mud and wood, a very cool place which does not need a fan or air conditioning.  I slept in a hammock that is in a typical bed of the region. I ate delicious typical dishes prepared by the Wayuú, some of them are: roasted sheep with charcoal, ram of coconuts, friche de goat and ojolu, a drink made with corn.

I dedicated myself to live the Wayuú culture, to discover it in all its facets, a very easy task since the community lets see their customs and way of life without problems.  I also enjoyed an impromptu party where the protagonists were the rum and the Yonna. This is the typical dance of the region, it is about women who chase the men with their long blankets, when the drums sound.

Also note how indigenous women make their handicrafts: backpacks, blankets, hammocks, hats and other colorful items that they then sell on the "Malecon" de Riohacha. I also rested peacefully on the beaches of golden sand and turquoise blue water, there I felt a "divine" energy that allowed me to reflect, rest and fill myself with beautiful thoughts.

Anyway ... on the trip I realized that the Wayuú ranches in the Guajira, are a paradise in Colombia that allows to live a different experience and that filled me with good energy to start a new stage of life and think about new trips.

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Diana Berrio

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