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I'll tell you a secret of Cancun

28 May, 2018


It is about a mysterious place that is part of the nine wonders of the world. Where your senses will be dazzled by the visual spectacle.

Rio Secreto is a magical place that you probably do not know exists. It is located in a glass cave that can be reached by canoe. Upon entering you will see the impressive audiovisual show of stalactites and stalagmites that are always playing creating wonderful light shows.

When you get to the underground river you must be very careful because a bad step can cause the wonder to disappear, and although it seems exaggerated that is the reality, since each geological formation took thousands of years to be built in the mineral.

This nature reserve is a silent place, which has approximately 600 meters of incredible natural formations and amazing stalactite routes. You can go swimming or walking, in any case it will be a unique experience to discover the wonders of nature.

Other secrets of the place

The Secret River was known for years as Pool Tunich, is located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Cancun. The wonderful thing about this place is that it is in a semi-humid cave because most of the Peninsula are flooded and for the same reason you can not enter.

The words to describe this experience in the Rio de Cancun are many: it is a unique journey, a mystical journey, a wonderful place, anyway. It is a journey that will be recorded forever in the memory as a fantastic dream come true.

Diana Berrio

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