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There is nothing cuter than watching the whale show in Nuqui

23 February, 2018

Nuquí, Colombia

Each year the largest marine species in the world arrive in the waters of the Colombian Pacific; the Yubartas whales. These animals offer a natural and unique show full of acrobatics.

If you love nature this is an experience you can not miss. Whale watching is a natural spectacle that occurs every year in the Colombian Pacific.  From July to November, approximately 3.000 humpback whales arrive on the coast of Colombia. After walking for nearly 8.000 kilometers, they come closer looking for a space to give birth to their young, to breastfeed and mate again.

Only 87 countries in the world have the opportunity to appreciate the sighting of whales, Colombia is one of them. So you can have the luxury of admiring, listening and appreciating the most extraordinary mammal of the sea.

We invite you to live a unique and natural experience that you will not regret.

Check packages that travel to Nuquí or Bahía Solano, in Colombia. Remember that the whales begin their trip in June and end their visit along the coast of Colombia in October. Then they continue their way through the underwater world.

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Diana Berrio

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