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Travel to the beaches of Colombia

30 mayo, 2019


Before talking about the beaches of Colombia, I want you to answer: Do you want to breathe fresh air in a place near the sea? Would you like to get away from the routine of the city? Are you looking for a heavenly place to disconnect? If your answers are affirmative, the best thing you can do is travel to the beaches of Colombia.

Now, I will name you the beaches of Colombia and the reasons why you should travel there:


45 minutes from Cartagena is one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia that has everything you need to take a break; white sand, turquoise sea, restaurants with international food and luxury hotels with sea view for you to contemplate the natural landscape of the Caribbean Island.



The Tayrona is one of the most important parks in Colombia, due to the richness in fauna and flora, native species of Colombia and little explored.  You have 10 beaches of all kinds, for example: Playa Brava is a quiet place to spend time with friends but you can not swim because the waves are very strong and Cabo San Juan is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tayrona Park, a quiet place with few people surrounded by jungle and crystal clear water, it is perfect for snorking


San Andres

San Andres is an island located in the north of Colombia, it has a beautiful sea of ​​seven colors, paradisiacal landscapes and beaches of white sand and turquoise blue sea. In its sea countless animals of all species inhabit, including a place called the natural aquarium.  The most attracts the attention of the island is its gastronomy, in the restaurants you can find typical dishes prepared with lobster, snappers, snails and crabs.



La Guajira is located in the north of Colombia, it is known as one of the most diverse regions of the country, it has a swamp where the pink flamingos walk, also quiet beaches to contemplate the immensity of the sea and deserts where the dunes meet the sea. The beaches most known to tourists are: Palomino, Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas



Nuqui is located in the Colombian Pacific region, it is a destination surrounded by jungle and sea. When you walk along its beaches you will find trails that take you to the jungle and waterfalls and hidden rivers.  It is a place to disconnect from the world, since there is little signal from the cell phone. The most beautiful of the region is its friendly people, they always have a smile for tourists. The best time to visit this destination is from July to October, because in these months the whales come to the place to raise their children


Bahia Solano 

Bahia Solano is part of the Utria Natural National Park, one of the most biodiverse in the world. In this destination you will find El Almejal beach, a place with many kilometers of soft sand and where there is a very special waterfall, which overlooks the sea. One of the most beautiful activities of the place takes place in January, when hundreds of turtles that were crafted in the place are released.




Diana Berrio

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