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Try a typical Amazon lunch

24 mayo, 2019


The truth is that traveling with a travel agency did not attract much attention, I was too lazy to have to stick to the basics; schedules for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But for things of the life I traveled to the Amazon with an agency and it has been the best experience I have had in recent days, here I tell you why.

When people talked about the Amazon I imagined that the plan was to observe the different species of flora and fauna, walk through the jungle, challenge my fears to the snakes and take a canoe trip down the river as the sun went down, just as as presented by the movie "Amazonas".

The trip was like that but with an additional surprise: A typical lunch with the indigenous people of the Huitoto community of the region, an experience simply Spectacular!

When I contacted the travel agency, they informed me of the gastronomic plan and without thinking I said yes. Then I asked myself, would I be able to taste a lunch made by the indigenous people of the Amazon ?, because the least I want on a trip is a stomach illness.  After having been in the Amazon, knowing its culture, participating in the preparation of the lunch and having a talk with the Curaca of the community, I feel that it has been a unique experience

Although the preparation of the lunch was something very simple, because the recipe consisted in boiling a fish with condiments.  What made the moment special was the experience of cooking together with the indigenous people of the Amazon, eating at the same table and knowing their "culinary culture

From that trip I know that travel agencies have an important value for the activities they offer, because they are experiences that are probably not on a trip of a few days.

Diana Berrio

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