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Why Panama

7 March, 2018


Panama is not just the Canal, this country offers several activities that can be done in the jungle, the sea or the city.

We tell you five of the many plans you can make in this beautiful country of Central America so you can travel.

1. The Casco Viejo

If you want to know the history of Panama, we recommend you to visit the Casco Viejo, a place in the capital that keeps the country's heritage in buildings, churches, convents, dungeons and monuments. But there is not all history, you will also find elegant and contemporary buildings where the ocean breeze passes, typical restaurants with typical Panamanian food and even craft shops with beautiful memories.

Not a minor fact, according to an article written by a renowned expert in world tourism, Casco Viejo is about to become one of the most beautiful sites of restored Spanish colonialism in the new world.

2. The National Park of Altos de Campanas

For nature lovers we tell you that in Panama there is a natural park that has more than 39 species of mammals, among which coatis, marmosas, three and two-toed sloth bear, Geoffroy tamarin monkeys, Panama's golden frog are highlighted (unique in its species), and approximately 267 species of birds. In addition, in the park there are several hills that rise above the coast and allow a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The "Cerro Campana" is the highest point of the park with about 850 meters of altitude, from there you can see the Taboga Island.

The park is not far from the city of Panama is 50 km west, the trip lasts about an hour and in the tour you can take beautiful photos that you will take as a souvenir.

3. The coffee "Geisha"

In case you did not know Panama produces the "Geisha Coffee", a competitive product in America which is grown and processed in the Chiriqui province. It is a distinguished coffee, light, acid, with jasmine aroma and a unique flavor that you can try for a cost of $ 9 at any store in the city.

4. The islands of Bocas del Toro

Panama has the best plan of the Central American ocean, it is about visiting nine islands and two parks that are located northwest of the capital. There you can get into the underwater world and wildlife, and you will also practice sports such as surfing and diving. The most visited islands are Pájaro, Playa de las Estrellas de Mar or Bahía de los Delfines.

5. The San Blas Islands

It is considered one of the most beautiful archipelagos of the continent of America, not only because of its turquoise blue waters but also because one of the most recognized indigenous tribes of Panama inhabits there: The Kuna or Guna, who make beautiful decorative crafts such as Molas . The archipelago is made up of 378 islands and cays, of which only 40 are inhabited by the indigenous community. In the others there is a spectacular underwater world with starfish, sea urchins and colorful fish.

Diana Berrio

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