Why book with us? Vámonos DMC, as a member of Turismo al Vuelo LTN, is the leading specialist for small size groups or tailor-made travel in Colombia. Throughout the last 35 years we’ve explored the country as nobody else and created culturally immersive journeys that fill clients’ lives with rewarding moments along with positively impacting local livelihoods. Vámonos provides specific itineraries pre designed to show the best spots of Colombia to travelers while guaranteeing competitive prices and a wide variety of destinations, travel styles, service levels and departure dates. In case you prefer a bespoke itinerary, we’ll employ our equal-to-none knowledge of the country to create your dream holiday. We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable people there are when it comes to travel to Colombia and its fascinating regions.

Check out a few of the ways we mark the difference versus other DMC’s that work in Colombia:


From the first time you contact us to the moment you return; we strive for every part of the service we provide to be exceptional. We take pride in being a small company that is part of a corporation with more than 36 years in the market. That’s why 93% of clients rated their experience with us as Excellent.


We make a real effort to reduce the number of intermediaries in every service we include in our trip. In most cases the supply chain is reduced to a direct relationship with the service provider. This allows us to be able to offer you real prices and ensure your money goes further. 


We are a Colombia registered tour operator and travel agency, registered with IATA, ANATO and ACOTUR. This means our holidays are backed and recognized by local authorities.

As a member of Turismo al Vuelo, one of the largest and most recognized travel companies in Colombia, we have a local presence in more than 10 cities in Colombia. This means that in most places that you’ll visit you’ll be able to reach a Vamonos representative in case anything goes wrong.  


Every member of our team is Colombian and has been extensively working in the tourism industry. We make an actual effort recruiting Colombian people who are committed to showing our country and culture to foreigners. 


Colombia has endured a long-lasting conflict during the last decades. This conflict has deeply  affected our communities. We are conscious about this and we deeply believe tourism is a powerful tool for empowering communities and having real opportunities of development. By contacting all services directly with local providers, we aim to channel most of your money to local communities and positively impact their livelihoods. 


Before anything we are Colombians, this means that we know the complexities and beauties of our country from our hearts. We will strive to do our best sharing our knowledge with you so that you feel confident during the whole trip as well as getting to experience the real complexities that make Colombia unique.


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