Sometimes the best experiences come in small packages. Short stays, extended business trips, specific interests or any other event in which you don’t have enough time for doing a full circuit are the best chances for embarking into one of our short trips. Do them as standalone travel experiences or tag them onto the start or end of another trip you have.

City Tour - Medellin

From USD 60 per person | 4 HOURS

Discover the charm of a city in constant evolution and development. A tour of the main sites of interest that reflects the daily life of the inhabitants, the stories of hope and change, the contrast of neighborhoods, the style of old and modern buildings, the use of new spaces, the style of churches and artistic […]

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Coffee farm Tour

From USD 105 | 7 HOURS

Enjoy your visit to Bogota and learn about the flagship product of our country, coffee Colombia is known as one of the best producers in the world, where the mountains and the tropical climate make our coffee a fruit with a smooth flavor and multiple aromas. What better than to learn about the process in […]

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Tour Guatavita and Zipaquirá

From USD 125 | 7 HOURS

Descubra el encanto de una ciudad en constante evolución y desarrollo. Un recorrido por los principales sitios de interés que refleja la vida cotidiana de los habitantes, las historias de esperanza y cambio, el contraste de los barrios, el estilo de antiguas y modernas construcciones, el uso de nuevos espacios, el estilo de iglesias y […]

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Gastronomic Tour

From USD 80 per person | 7 hours

If there is something that characterizes Colombia, it is the variety of products that are discovered in each region. In Bogota you will find delicacies from all over the country, fruits, coffees, typical dishes and desserts, a culinary experience where you will delight yourself through aromas, sensations and explosion of flavors. In our gastronomic tour, […]

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City Tour - Bogota

From USD 95 per person | 4 hours

This panoramic tour will allow you to experience Bogota's culture from its different facets. You will discover the main tourist areas and the most recognized places of the city, parks, historic squares, restaurants, special cafes and places where you can enjoy the nightlife in the capital. Once the tour is over you will be a […]

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Lost City

 From USD 660 per person in low season and USD 755 in high season (Holy Week, Holidays, Holiday Week) | 6 NIGHTS / 7 DAYS

Are you looking for an adventure trip? Lost City disappeared in the tropical jungle more than 500 years ago and was only discovered again in 1970. Deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is this pre-Hispanic wonder that is only accessible on foot after a three-day hike. On the way you will cross rivers, […]

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Caño Cristales

From USD 465 per person in low season (Dec. 2023 - Mar. 2024) and USD 665 in high season (15 Jun. to 15 Nov 2024) | 2 NIGHTS / 3 DAYS

With this experience you will have a different way to enjoy one of the most visited destinations in Colombia. Tour its landscapes for 3 days, and spend the night in cabins of rural construction in the middle of nature. In this place, the available lodging has cabins ideal for group accommodation. If you are traveling […]

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Basic Bogotano

From USD 310 per person | 2 NIGHTS / 3 DAYS

Bogota has it all. It is a city where traditions and cultural expressions from all regions of the country have arrived; a metropolis that welcomes the flavor of every corner of Colombia, which is manifested in the windows of colorful stores, spaces for history, art, cinema, theater and literature. Flavors that bring back memories and […]

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Coffee region introduction: Salento, Filandia and Valle del Cocora

From USD 360 per person | 3 NIGHTS/ 4 DAYS

We want you to live the best experience during your tour through Colombia's coffee region that is why we designed this experience that combines our selection of nature tourism tours in this destination. During this tour you will get to know about coffee at a farm that specializes in this activity, you will also visit […]

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Eastern Plains Safari

From USD 380 per person | 3 NIGHTS/ 4 DAYS

During four days of expedition you will visit El Hato El Berlín, the Llanerazo Museum and the nature reserve El Encanto de Guanapalo. You will learn about their sustainable projects, enjoy beautiful landscapes and have an immersion in the llanera culture. You will enjoy a horseback ride with one of the best riders in the […]

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The colourful, colonial streets within Cartagena’s Walled City beckon you in with horse-drawn carriages, cobbled alleys and the vibrant Palenqueras selling fruit to travellers. Get your taste buds tingling with an exclusive rum tasting session or Caribbean cooking class before our guide unveils the history of the colonial mansions and plazas that reside here.


After over two decades of living in relative peace, Bogotanos are finally getting over their fear of each other and starting to figure out their identity as a city. The result is a gastronomic revival, a rising tourism industry, a booming nightlife and a thriving arts scene.


It's been more than a decade since Medellin was best known as the murder capital of the world. And it's not the first Colombian city to creep onto our radar. First the laid-back appeal of Cartagena lured us to the Caribbean coast, then Bogotá began to hum with a design and culinary buzz. But Medellin's vibe is more cutting edge.

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