Luxury in Bogota, Amazon, Coffee Region, Medellin, Cartagena and Baru Island

From USD 3,500 | 16 NIGHTS/ 17 DAYS

We’ve designed this trip that includes a luxury guided visit to 5 of the main tourist regions that Colombia has. You’ll visit Bogota, the Amazon Jungle, the Coffee Region, Cartagena and Isla Baru. You’ll have the chance to stay at a jungle lodge next to the Amazon River, discover the coffee crops that produce the best coffee in the world and relax at a treetop room next to the peaceful Caribbean.

Departures any day of the week
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Private tour


  •  Domestic air tickets between cities to be visited in economy class.
  •  Transfers between Airports and Hotels.

  • 13 nights in 5 star hotels in Bogotá, the Coffee Region, Medellin Cartagena and Baru Island.
  • 3 nights in jungle lodges in the Amazon.

  • All breakfasts

  •  Domestic air tickets between cities to be visited in economy class.
  •  Transfers between Airports and Hotels.

  • 13 nights in 5 star hotels in Bogotá, the Coffee Region, Medellin Cartagena and Baru Island.
  • 3 nights in jungle lodges in the Amazon.

  • All breakfasts


Day 1 - Bogotá

Arrival in Bogotá and transfer to the selected hotel.

Day 2 - Bogotá- Leticia

Your driver will pick you up at the hotel at 6:30Am to transfer you to the local airport and take your flight to Leticia, Amazon (Flight Leaving Bogotá: 8:35 AM). Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest: in the Vasquez Cabo airport in Leticia, one of our hosts will pick you up and take you, by car, to the Tanimboca Natural Reserve where you will spend the first night. Once there, you will take a short walk through an ecological trail where you will tour through the Reserve, getting to know the many conservation projects that they carry out. In the afternoon, you will take another walk, approximately 3 hours long, through winding trails where you will be lucky to observe endemic wildlife. If the water level is high enough, you will take a kayak through the Yahuarkaka river, instead of the hike. At night, you will take another walk, a night tour, through the jungle and enjoy this amazing sensory experience, witnessing sights and sounds only available at night

Day 3 – Amazon Jungle

Explore the jungle: Early in the morning, you will have breakfast and wait for transportation that will take you to Leticia. You must be ready at 8:30 am in the port. From there, a motorboat will take you to Calanoa Natural Reserve near the Amacayacu National Park, where you will stay the following night. The boat ride will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The Reserve offers many options: hiking through the jungle and observing endemic wildlife, as well as participating in traditional fishing and crafts workshops. There is also a possibility to visit the Vergel community, enjoy their dancing performances and go in search of pink dolphins in the river. Remember that because of the weather, activities and schedules might change.

Day 4 - Amazon Jungle

Puerto Nariño: Between 9am and 10am you will embark by boat towards Puerto Nariño, the second largest village in the Colombian Amazon. This town is located on the shore of the Loretoyacu river, and is populated mainly by indigenous groups. Its colorful houses and pedestrian cobblestone streets make this town a tranquil and unmissable spot within the jungle. Once in Puerto Nariño, our host will take you to a hotel right in the village. Lunch and dinner are not included this day, it is the perfect opportunity to walk through the town and try local traditional gastronomy (fish, yuca, amazon fruits). During the day, you will also visit the Tarapoto Lakes, and if lucky, will see the famous toninas, pink dolphins.

Day 5 Leticia – Armenia, Coffee Region

Return to Leticia: By 8:30 AM you will take a public boat back to Leticia. Our host will accompany you and leave you in the Leticia port. You'll take a flight from Leticia to Bogotá and then to Armenia. You'll stay at BioHabitat Hotel.

Day 6 - Coffee Region

Free day. Bio Habitat Hotel is a place designed in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds us integrating architectural spaces with nature it is an ideal point to visit the charming towns of Quindío like Salento (20 min), Filandia (15 min) and Valle del Cocora (35 min) declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will have this day free to enjoy nature.

Day 7 - Coffee Region - Medellin

Free day. We suggest heading to Cocora Valley and get to admire the amazing wax palm trees and the traditional coffee scenery. By mid afternoon you'll take a flight to Medellin. Stay at Click Clack Hotel.

Day 8 - Medellín

We suggest you take one of the different tours that we offer for getting to know this charming city. One of our best sellers is the “Comuna 13 Recovery Tour” in which you’ll enjoy a memorable tour in a place that was once considered the most dangerous neighborhood of Colombia. Learn about its crude history and the road to recovery that has turned it into a lively neighborhood with beautiful street art and impressive urban innovation. Other option is to take book for Medellin’s gastronomic tour or choose to visit a nearby colonial town where you’ll be able to experience the cultural traditions of this region

Day - 9 Medellín:

Free day to enjoy Medellin.

Day - 10 Medellín

Day on your own.

Day 11 - Medellín - Cartagena

During the morning you’ll take the flight towards Cartagena. Upon your arrival you’ll be transferred to your hotel in the Old City.

Day 12 - Cartagena

Free day. We have several optional tours for this day.

Day 13 – Cartagena – Baru Island

Rest from your trip through Colombia in Isla Barú. Located just 45 minutes from Cartagena, Hotel Las Islas is a sophisticated, environmentally conscious retreat, with luxurious accommodations and exceptional amenities. You’ll be transferred to the hotel by boat leaving Cartagena’s Marina by 11AM.

Day 14 – Baru Island

Free day. Visit one of the restaurants and bars for locally sourced, expertly prepared cuisine. Relax by the freshwater pool, take in the views from the solarium or explore one of the many activities available at the hotel.

Day 15 – Baru Island - Bogotá

After breakfast you’ll be taken by boat to Cartagena’s Marina. You’ll be transferred to Cartagena’s airport to take your flight to Bogotá at 12:26 PM. Upon your arrival to Bogotá you’ll be transferred to the Bioxury Hotel.

Day 16 – Bogotá

Free day to roam around the main spots of Bogotá. We can arrange a half or full day city tour that includes guided visits to the Gold Museum, La Candelaria Quarter, Monserrate and other main tourist attractions.

Day 17 – Bogota Check Out

Check out and transfer at the designated hour to the airport.

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